“Why don’t the postal workers at this post office smile?” was the not-so-rhetorical question I overheard the man standing behind me in line ask the woman he was with. Funny – I was just thinking the same thing. I go to the same post office several times a week and the same two workers never smile – not to each other, not to their customers and not to themselves.

As the man approached the counter, the postal worker asked “Can I help you?” And the man replied, “…only if you smile!” That was enough to coax the corners of her lips to turn up into a beautiful smile. And everyone else standing in line, myself included, couldn’t help but smile along too.

C’mon Toronto – we gotta smile more…a big smile…a real smile, not a half-ass smirk, but a real show ’em those pearly whites kind of smile. Got ya – you’re smiling!

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  1. abbas halai (unregistered) on April 27th, 2005 @ 9:57 am

    one of the best “touristy” type things i’ve done in toronto since i been here is been to toronto’s first post office. it’s service with a style. their post office museum is a delight to go through and the workers there give you a little tour and explain everything that is on display. located on adelaide st. just east of jarvis, it’s a visit that you won’t forget. see this site for more details.

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