Misery Loves Company

Last weekend, my husband and I popped into our local Tims for a caffeine fix. A man was standing in front of the counter, but not really close to it, so we weren’t sure if he was waiting to be served or still trying to decide on what he wanted to order. So we stood behind and waited. Another lady approached us and asked “Is this the end of the line?” with a quizzical look. My husband then asked the man we were standing behind if he was in line. And then very rudely he shot back “Yeah what does it look like!” Holy bite someone’s head off!

Sometimes you have to just laugh things off. We had a good chuckle about that one with the lady who commented that its a sad society we live in if you can’t even ask a simple question without pissing someone off.

We ordered our coffee and as she left the store she turned around and with a big smile, called out to us, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

On that note, have a beautiful Easter weekend Toronto Metbloggers! Spread some sunshine!

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