Potent Enough to be Floor Cleaner

I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for the last week or so. I try to hold off on taking medicine for as long as I can. But late last week after hacking out a lung two nights in a row I decided it was time. It was time for Buckley’s. Holy crap – that cough medicine smells like one hell of a powerful floor cleaner and tastes just as vile (not that I’ve ever tasted floor cleaner). It clears your sinuses and burns a path of destruction as it goes down your throat. I had to concentrate really hard so the gag reflexes wouldn’t kick in. The company marketing tagline is It Tastes Awful. And it Works. They weren’t kidding!

This Toronto-based cough medicine slash floor cleaner is a leader in the cough and cold category. Who knew that cough medicine could possibly put Toronto on the map! Goes to prove that us Torontonian’s don’t mess around with the common cold. I think that stuff could be strong enough to wipe out strains of West Nile – seriously!

*cough cough*

Oops, that’s my cue to take another dose of Buckley’s! God give me strength!

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