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Business is business. Another fiscal year has passed and another block of overtime begun. No substantial amount of freetime on my calendar. GRRRRR! Debits, credits, dollars and nonsense

Slushie Salt City

One of the major complaints I have about winter time in Toronto is the horrendous amount of salt spewed across the streets. It’s evident that this ‘habit’ has started to progress for the worst each passing year.

With the fear of lawsuits on private property, due to those who slip and fall from the icey pavements, it’s apparent that more and more people are using salt as a ‘quicker’ solution before the snow plow arrives.

Or, perhaps, it’s just laziness. ‘Salt it all the way’ is their motto.

The only problem is that our city ends up being one big pile of slush. And this doesn’t solve the driving conditions. Nor taking away all the slipping and sliding.

Trust me. Almost damned-well twisted my ankle in the parking lot of our nearby stripmall.

The other day, my friend emailed me…

“This is ridiculous! I went for a jog and there was blue slush infront of the building. It looked like a Smurf bomb blew up there!”

Ode to the big salt-lick known as Toronto.

MTO signs

Don’t be projected,
Be protected.
Buckle up.

That was the message from the MTO poetry wags on the highway sign this morning.



Canadian Tsunami Victims

It’s somewhat embarrassing how the canadian officials have been responding to the canadian tourists who had been effected by the tsunami in southeast asia. In Phuket, Thailand, one canadian couple said that while other tourist from other countries have already received support in going home, they have been lying with broken bones and other injuries, waiting for two weeks to hear from the Canadian officials.

Good lord.

Anyway, hopefully as individuals, we can try and do what we can to help the situation over in southeast asia.

The following is a link to Toronto Police Divisions who are accepting donations and collections for the tsunami relief:

A Belated New Year’s Cheer

New Year’s Eve this year was a quiet and intimate gathering of good friends and several acquaintances we knew from dragon boating.

The setting took place in a beautiful and cozy house around Eglington and Bayview. Dinner was an assortment of goodies as the party started off with a potluck buffet. With the various ethnic backgrounds here in Toronto, the table was filled with different types of cultural yummies. Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, East Indian, Spanish and of course, good ole North American food – just to name a few.

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