Still no hockey

I know I risk getting flamed for what I am about to say…

I don’t miss hockey.

Others do. Die-hard fans who are friends of mine are somewhat going about in a gloom in regards to their sports world fetish. While my compassion reaches out for them, I have to admit that this is a nice change.

Don’t get me wrong. I love cheering for my home team. And while I can’t be described as a die-hard fan myself, I do watch some of the games and cheer for the Leafs all the way.

It’s just that I’ve noticed a change in those around me. There seems to be time for other things. Instead of watching the game whenever possible, people are actually having more conversations. About other things in life, even. And perhaps people are actually finding different hobbies and interests.

My god… people are even picking up a book. TO READ! It boggles the mind…

Plus, I’m happy for the Junior world of hockey. They have recieved much more attention and exposure.

Frankly, I think we needed a break. Especially with all the excessive violence that has been errupting through the past year or two. Players being charged for assault and such.

I just hope this doesn’t hurt the NHL like it did with baseball. Somehow, I think the NHL is strong enough to overcome this set back. We shall see when the next season arrives.

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