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Winter…no hockey…this bites

First cold…then snow, then it rains, it seems so played. The hockey strike is never going to end. All that left is football (Thank God). You can’t smoke in bars, Christmas is here with all it’s consumer needs.
This isn’t heaven…this sucks.
I can’t believe I have the winter “blah’s” already and it’s so early in the season.
So, the other night I’m at Pauper’s downing a pint looking around and it’s a funeral home (not the fun kind of funeral home either) and all I can think is “I wonder what the new episode of Lost is going to be like?”
Thats when I almost broke down and wept.

Maybe I can get into rugby, soccer or some other sport….ladies decathlon…tennis…suggestions?


So perhaps this is the second post in the row about Toronto’s recent snowfall.

But, you see… I absolutely need to ask why? Why is it that every single year, after every single semi-significant snowfall, the city acts as if it doesn’t exactly know what to do?

My mother-in-law called us after her plane had landed safely in Thunder Bay (a place where they have much more snow then we ever do, and a place where complaining about the cold is truly more justifiable then that of Toronto) and explained to us that her call was later then planned because there was a delay in her flight.

Finally, when she did board the plane at terminal two of the Pearson Airport, an announcement was made that they were not all too certain if the plane could land due to snow in Thunder Bay.

And the part that just makes me slap my hand on my forehead is that Thunder Bay has already been receiving snow. It’s just that Toronto people get their knickers all tied up in a knot at the first sight of a snow flake… bloody Torontorian pilots!

Good Lord, people… It’s snow. A part of Canada. And it happens EVERY YEAR!!!


I woke up late today.

Actually, I woke up quite early but pressed the snooze button like two dozen times from about 7am to 9:30am. During this fade-in and fade-out of sleep, I heard sirens close by to our house.

A little later, I heard some more.

And then, when I finally got up to do the morning pee… I heard even more sirens.

I headed downstairs and looked out our backyard.

Hello. Snow. Everywhere.

First snowfall. And when I mean snowfall, I’m definitely not counting all the wimpy flurries we’ve had. This is the kind of snowfall that actually stuck to the ground. Even then, today’s was no where near what we will need in order to declare it a ‘White Christmas’ here in Toronto.

Yet, it was just enough to cause all the car accidents that happened today. Hence the constant sirens heard consistently throughout the day.

Safe drive, folks!

T.O. 2004 Awards

Most Pathetic: the lady who sits in her car for “as long as it takes” at Finch station to get a spot close to the entrance. By the looks of it, she could use some exercise. She should be lining up for the LAST spot in the lot…
Most Delicious: Sushi from Umami @ Eglinton & Avenue
Most Annoying: The St Lawrence Market for being closed Mondays
Most Loved: The St Lawrence Market – for being open the rest of the time
Most Puzzling: Green box program. I see lots of ads.. but have no clue what it’s for or who it’s for.
Most Disappointing: Vince “the Prince” Carter – a close second to the NHL/NHLPA
Most Odd: All the darn condos going up in this city. Everywhere. Where the heck are all these people coming from??? And once they’re here – how the heck are we all gonna get around? Oh, right – the DVP…

more to come…

Cosmo Restaurant

One of the privileges of living in Toronto is finding oneself surrounded by a variety of different restaurants. Forget the big, franchized chain eating establishments. The amount of different dining experiences are far too much to list. It should be noted, however, that there are so many different little gems hidden in this city.

One of my favourite new discovers is Cosmo Restaurant found on St. Clair, just west of Dufferin St.

Andrea Labbe, Murder-Suicide Case

Toronto has recently been hit with the sad and mysterious story of a mother, Andrea Labbe, who took her life after shortly stabbing her husband and eldest daughter.

I sat there watching the news with my husband as they did a special on postpartum depression (PPD) and psychosis (PPP), as some experts are debating whether this case was related to this very serious and very real psychological disorder.

Having gone through postpartum depression not too long ago, I felt extremely annoyed and frustrated with the realization that PPD and PPP have been heavily researched on and yet it is still somewhat ignored and left untreated in so many instances.

Early Years

Yesterday, I took my ten month baby girl to one of Ontario Early Year’s Family Centre ( in Toronto.

All I can say is… it’s about time. To see our tax money go towards something that will only be fruitful for our society as a whole in the future.

The program offers fun classes for parents, grandparents and caregivers to enjoy with their child. Fun classes involving creativity, fitness, music, reading and even pre-school classes such as math and science, are offered for ages 0-6 years. The focus is on introducing literacy and motor development as well as social interactions amongst the children.

And as a new mother, one who went from career woman to a one year maternity leave, I am relieved that this program is available for no cost what-so-ever. Aside from field trips in which the parent(s) must pay their share of cost for admission and/or food, none of the classes cost a cent.

Zero cost + educational + fun = happy mother.

My daughter had a blast. Granted she is just a little rugrat and all the other kids were at about three years of age (i.e. I had to stay close so she wouldn’t get under their feet)… and granted that the only thing she could do was clap when everyone else was clapping… she was, evidently, screaming, laughing and jumping up and down as I held her, all with so much hype that it took her nearly 30 minutes more to unwind in her crib before she fell asleep.

Note to self: take her to morning and afternoon classes only.

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