Pubs, Pubs, Pubs…Glorious Pubs

I think one of the greatest inventions of modern man is the developement of the pub.
You say “My God man! Your insane, vaccinations…far more important!”

Rubbish, all of it rubbish…pubs…the great modern developement.
1. A place to get a cold pint of beer. (refreshment)
2. A place to get food. (food…duh)
3. A place to meet women. (Breeding and propagation…well sometimes)
4. A place to convey ideas and develope concepts. (discourse and discussion)
5. A place to get hammered and let off steam (mental relaxation and a pressure release)
6. A place to meet and confer with friends and new contacts (economics and social developement)
7. A place to run and up and down the stairs between piano Bar and other floors while running out for cigarettes. (physical health and stamina). For Arizona, I’m talking bout Paupers…more later

Truly, gentle readers lift your hands and in chorus say “Thank God for the pub and the importance it holds in our society”.

Next I’m going to explain why David Lee Roth is the most important man in the music industry….well…you know…afterI get back from the pub.

That last one is going to need some pints and a bit of thought to get it worked out…unless somebody can tell me different??? Hmmmm…ehhh?

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